WOMBAT is a weekly social project founded by the collaboration of Binus International clubs: BEST, BINARY, BIPEDS, & BITE. WOMBAT aim to help students on remote places with poor education by teaching topics that would help them, especially for the national exam.


Binus International Game Olympics

Our annual E-sports tournament.


BINARY Camp ― or also known as BMP ― is an annual gathering held for the purpose of getting BINARY members from all batches together, sharing experiences of both the campus life and daily life. Fun is a culture in this gathering! XD

BINARY Study Session

BINARY Study Session (BASS) is a weekly session for third semester students and above, with the purpose of learning mobile application development. BASS aims to help support students to be able to bring their app idea to reality, or to bring them into competitions regarding mobile applications.

Seminars & Workshops

BINARY cooperates with various organizations and renown people to hold seminars and workshops with the topics that would fit the trends and needs of Computer Science nowadays.